The animals on the carousel were all sculpted from drawings created by kids in the Riverbank Park neighborhood. Milo visited classrooms and the gazebo at the park dressed as a knight in shining armor. He explained the history of carousels to the kids, who were mostly in the first and second grade. Then, working at especially made workstations with lots of images of different animals to use for inspiration, the kids made thousands of drawings.

From these drawings, Milo had the very difficult job of choosing just thirty-six to make into full-scale carousel figures.

Animal Artist

This is Milo in his knight costume. He made it out of foam. The knight's arms are his arms, but Milo's legs are in the horse's back legs!

This is a model showing three stages of fabrication: the left one is a foam figure (Edwin's deer) covered in fiberglass, the center one has been painted with primer and the right one has been finished.

Alligator Bladimir Leon Rodrigez
Bat David Hernandez
Bull Ramon Serra
Camel Yeannette Mena
Cat Donahue Bethea
Chihuahua Adriana Francisco
Deer Sophia Peralta
Deer Edwin R. Vargas
Dragon Elaine Pelaez
Elephant Marlene Rodriguez
Fish Ulanda Wilson
Flamingo Sharette Ethel Allen
Frog Tramaine Tyson
Giraffe Yomayra Genao
Horse Lizzie Queena Castle
Kangaroo Krystal Civil
Lion Grover Austin
Lion Christian Sena
Lizard Wilmer Tejada
Lobster Tayra Garcia
Monkey Ginette Acosta
Moose Alfredo Mateo
Octopus Raomej Caro
Peacock Tommy Rivera
Rabbit Taji Okolo
Skunk Yashira Rodrigues
Slicker Megan Vaughan and Emily Zall
Snail Kelvin Filpo
Spider Luis Moya
Spider Angie Vargas
Swordfish Sadae Williams
T. Rex Jesus Brito
Tiger Na'Tasha K. Simmons
Whale Jason Williams
Zebra Shanell Lashawn Davis  

The photographs of the individual animal sculptures were taken by Christopher Hornsby.