A detail of a painting.

"I graduated from Cooper Union in 1984. I spent thirteen years creating delicate little egg tempera paintings. I'd work on a few at a time--some were so involved that they would take over two years to complete.

"Have you ever heard of Nellie Mae Row? She made these exquisite figurines out of chewing gum. She chewed all the gum herself. She had nothing to do with the art world. That's what I like.

"In the second grade I won the Dental Health Poster Contest with the slogan 'Plaque is Mean, So Keep Teeth Clean!'

"They took me to a giant dental convention at West Point, gave me a trophy and a savings bond. I remember my dad arguing with all the dentists about how they put fluoride in his water without asking him."

Milo has also created many spectacular costumes, in which he has marched in Greenwich Village Halloween Parades, the Coney Island Mermaid Parades, and the Philadelphia Mummers Parades. His dream is to build a car wash.

The Human Cannonball!


Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center
1205 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222