All About My Toys
   This is s picture of my playmobil. Playmobil is like lego only it's not lego. It's playmobil. It is my favorite toy. ( It's next to my stuffed animals and Judy) As you can see there is alot of playmobil in the picture. I have gotten more sence. I colect playmobil and play with it  as much as I can. I have alot of it. I have a meat store, a pirate, lots of familys, a taxi, alot of cars, and some pets. Basicly my whole room is filled with playmobil. But I do have room to put my stuffed animals and Misty. I also make alot of the houses that I have. I only have two houses that I have gotten from family and friends.
When my friend Maeve comes over to my house she always wants to play playmobil. And If I say no she talks me into it by pinching me. When we do she always hoggs it and doesn't share. I hate to play playmobil with alot of people like four friends. I just like to eathier play by my self or  play with one friend. My mother always says that when my friends play with my playmobil then I can always reconsteruct it. Playmobil is always fun to play with when you do not have anything to do.