While putters putted, enthusiatic volunteers learned to make mosaics and flowers and helped us complete the minigolf course. Over tables messy with goop and flying plastic fragments, they learned new skills and as they worked, got to know their table companions. Some stayed for hours. Trina went home and brought back an amazing collection of tiles for us to use. Victoria and Richard shared a trade secret that enabled us to easily make the mosiacs.

We had great fun -- because it was a miniature golf course, we could be as playful as we wanted. We had such a tight deadline that we made much of it up as we went -- and that allowed volunteers to colaborate on designs for mosaics and other elements. Rather than striving for perfection, we allowed chance, material availibility, and even the weather to influence our design decisions.

All told, over a hundred children and adults pitched in -- kids and their parents, high school students, bankers doing community service, retirees and passers-by. Even a guy working off a sentence. Working alongside them, we realized how rare is the opportunity for most people to make such a direct contribution to their community. People really loved it. And they looked forward to coming back all summer long.

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01golfers 02hedgekatie2 03flower2boyz
The links stayed open while we were renovating! After making hundreds of flowers, they were wired onto the hedge, outlining the windows. These boys help make dozens of flowers.
04MariaIndia 04mosaiccouplagirls 05flowerssaturdayhelp
Learning to turn plastic bags into flowers. Doing high school community service by working on a shard mosaic. Chomsky's shoes were made of small blue flowers.
06mosaichammer 06motherdaughter2 06tinykids
Kids love to smash things. We'll be using these shards for the mosaics. A mother-daugher mosaic colaboration. So intent!
07boys 07mosaicTrinaPanel 08mosaichammerwalter
At work on a shard mosiac. The kids worked on some, adults on others. The proud creators on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Breaking up chipped dishes into small tiles was an ongoing task, as we used hundreds for the mosaics.