We had a grand re-opening on June 3, 2004. Now, a one-hundred foot long hedge with flower-bordered windows frames views of the garden beyond. A flower bedecked Wacky Shack welcomes putters through the entrance. The back of the Wacky Shack reveals another personality. Green, pink and blue lanterns add sparkle at night. A new paint job transforms the greens into Dali-esque sculptural objects. A windmill spins in the ever-present river breeze while a caterpillar crawls up the hedge to peer at the passers-by on the other side. Twenty-one fantastic mosaic panels made of broken dishes, mugs, and tiles decorate eight planters and the base of the Wacky Shack. A yard-sale snowman persists even in the summer sun. A giant garden gnome in a cheerful red hat towers over it all.
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01OutsideLookingSW 02wacky1 03wackyshackshards
The chain link fence we made into a hedge. The windows are the lettering of a hundred-foot-long sign. We converted the caddy shack into a wacky shack! The giant green rose leaves were leftover from the movie "The Stepford Wives." A detail view of the Wacky Shack showing some gorgeous hand made ceramic shards that we got from a pottery studio.
04LightsFlowers 051wackyshacky 05WackyTwilight
A view of the entry archway with the buildings of Independence Plaza behind. The back of the Wacky Shack reveals a different personality. Twilight.
06LookingSE 07WindmillSignLighthouse 08cater2
Putters at play. The windmill, lighthouse and original vintage billboard. A caterpillar watches the parade along the esplanade.
09flamingGoGo 10GnomeFootMosaic 11GnomeMosaic
Flamingo-go! The mosaic and foot of the gnome. A detail of the mosiac at the base of the gnome.