Back in 1926, Frieda Carter populated the first miniature golf course ever with garden gnomes. In homage to her we chose a gnome as the central figure of Goofy Garden Golf.

We didn't realize it until we were finishing him up, but at13' 6" tall, he's the world's largest garden gnome. We built him of wood, threaded rod, chicken wire, and hundreds and hundreds of leaves and flowers. We made his face and hands by sculpting a clay model, then making a thin cast of plaster bandages.

We call him Chomsky.

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01Gnomegraph 02gnomestevengnome 03gnomeoakleaves1
A working copy of the original drawing marked for scale. To create the gnome, an armature was made of wood, threaded rods and chicken wire. His coat is being made of beautiful (fake) green oak leaves.
04gnomehatbeard 05gnomeface2 06gnomeswarthyface
An enormous hat of red carnations and beard of daisies, in progress. Our gnome's face was first molded of clay. Plaster bandages were applied to the clay face and hands, then painted and varnished.
07gnomemrfacing 08gnomebearding 08gnomemrfacing2
His face needed to be fitted to the chicken wire armature. The beard needed to be molded into place. More fitting.
09gnomefacing4 10gnomestevenfacing1 11gnomeunfin
Hope he doesn't mind. Really hope he doesn't mind! A half-finished gnome.