Goofy Garden Golf is a unique miniature golf course created as a community project of Manhattan Youth in Hudson River Park with artists Maria Reidelbach and Ken Brown. The garden was made in eight weeks in the spring of 2004 from discarded bottles, bags, dishes and other recycled materials. Over one hundred neighbors from Battery Park City, Tribeca, New York, and beyond helped create the decorations, which include twenty one mosaic panels made in a traditional style called picassiette, from the French for "broken dishes." Community volunteers also helped make hundreds of flowers and lanterns from used plastic bags and bottles. Like the first miniature golf course, built in 1926 on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee by Frieda Carter, Goofy Garden Golf features a garden gnome. The one here is the world's largest -- he is over thirteen feet tall. He keeps a sharp eye out for cheaters.

Goofy Garden Golf is located on Pier 25, west of North Moore Street. It is open daily from about noon to about 10:00 pm depending on the weather. It is three dollars for adults and two dollars for children. Parties can be booked by talking to Toby Young, the pier manager.

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