Ken and Betsy

Ethan and Kevin



Ken Burgess has just finished writing a crime novel and is waiting for it to become the international best seller it deserves to be.

Kevin Byrne is an architect from Brooklyn who can hold his breath for up to two and a half hours.

Kevin Freizelle is a painter who moonlights as an exceptional museum exhibition designer and builder.

Kate Gandall is an active film editor and a semi-retired master cabinetmaker. Her current long-term project is a documentary about her brother entitled Dear Paul.

Carla Gencarella has been welding for four years. She's a second year architecture student at Cooper Union.

Betsy Heistand graduated Cooper Union in New York in 1994. She creates art of fine embroidery sewn in human hair.

Christopher Hornsby has been photodocumenting the project. His work has appeared in a number of magazines and books.

Matt King is an artist and alumni of Cooper Union. He is absolutely unafraid of heights.

Ethan Myatt is an animator who recently graduated the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston where he created the legendary Lesbian Skateboarders from Hell. Ethan is currently at work on a plan to take over the world, for which he needs capital and a working knowledge of fiberglass.

Maria Reidelbach, project manager and website designer, has written books on the history of Mad Magazine and miniature golf. She is also at work on the world's largest Corn Cow -- a thirty-five foot tall bovine made of Indian corn.