June 15, 2000

Over the winter and spring we resolved the complicated and mysterious problems of handicapped access to the carousel. We found and customized a portable ramp to enable wheelchairs to get up on the platform. When we installed the bronze plaque it meant that the carousel is completely finished (and the DEP can finish paying us for it!)

For right now, the carousel will be open Wednesday from 11 to 4, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 to 7:00. You can get tokens for fifty cents at the skating rink window (we hope that someday there will be a ticket booth nearby). See you there!

At left: Bella, from the Riverbank State Park, is one of the carousel operators and takes great care to keep it beautifully clean. Linda, from the DEP, has helped us with all the paperwork. And you know Milo!


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