All About Me

This is me, Clare. I live with my mom, my dad and my sister Wren. I have a pet rat named Misty, and I have a pet cat named Birdie. My favorite hobbies are riding my bike, playing with Misty, and watching TV. I love writing letters on the computer and by hand. I am very good at reading, riding my bike, playing with Misty, playing with the cat, writing, and drawing. I sleep with my bear Judy. Judy is on the first page. I have a lot of cousins from both sides. I was born in China . As it tells in the other page I just turned nine years old. I have a lot of friends. I go to this school that teaches Chinese. I go there to learn Chinese in all different ways like speaking, writing, dancing, and singing. I moved to Portland , ME in 2004.

I moved from New York . I still go to New York and visit my great friends. I love my whole life and that is that.