All About Misty
This as you can see is my rat Misty. She is a great rat. I've only had her sense June 2005. And she is only well, 8 months old. I love her even though a lot of people say that rats are disgusting and grows. I think well, she is not grows in any way. I think that this picture of Misty is quite well, cute. She has two white gloved hands and her fur is so soft and sleek. Her fur is brownish, blackish. She has two greenish, bluish eyes. I think she is beautiful in all the ways there are.

I pet her and take care of her every day. I know even though she doesn't talk about it, she loves me. And I shoot that love back at her. She also lives in a cage right next to my bed. Every night I leave the cage top a little open and when I go to sleep I know that she is a good rat and she doesn't and won't want to get our of her cage. And now I never catch her trying to go into the outskirts of the house. And sometimes when I am getting ready for school I catch a glimpse of her trying to go to sleep. And with That I just close the door after me and go to school.

Misty Update

Misty developed a tumor in her chest and in January 2007 died because because of it. She was a very kind-hearted rat.