All About Dad
Daddy's real name is Tom. I think he is the best daddy ever! He is a carpander. he bilds all kinds of things. Sometimes he is sharp and tired. but even If he does that he is still my favorite daddy! He also helps me figure out math problems. He is really fun and funny (most of the times). He lets me and my little sister do things mom would never let us do. He always trys to help me and my little sister in any way he posably can. He always trys to be the best daddy he can,( even thoe he sometimes gets short and sharp). He is almost always being funny, working or heiping us. Sometimes he tens to get really mad at mom. And when that hapens I just take Wren out of the room and play with her. He and mom went to get me in 1998 and he,mom and me went to get Wren in 2003. Now I'm nine and Wren is just three.
All About Mom
As you can see this is my wonderful mother (I do not always Think she is my wonderful mother but I'll just say she is the best mother I've ever had. (The only mother I really like/know.) I think she is always trying to be the best mother she could possibly be to me and my sister Wren. Although sometimes I feel like she hates me although she doesn't. And sometimes I feel like I want to be so strong I can pick her up and throw her out the window and say she jumped out the window to get some gold. At other times she is a very responsible (old) lady. She tells great stories. (she has seven brothers and sisters in her family all put together/counting her.)

Well back to the basics, she's an awesome mother and I need to know her a little more to say any more,( just kidding). She is a great help when some things going on between me and Wren. So now I think you learned enough about my very kind mother because if I tell you any more she'll start to tell me to delete some of these words.

All About Wren
Wren is a great little sister but sometimes she is really anoyng and at those times I just want to throw her out the window and say she jumped out the window all by her self and even sometimes I get so frusterated that I pinch and hit her. At other times she is really funny and does what I say. At those times I feel so lucky to have a little sister like her. But whether she is really anoying or really funny I still love her. Sometimes I feel like I regret even thinking about getting a little sister. At other times I feel like my life isn't a life with out wren. As you see in this picture she is very happy. She has a pink blanky that she sleeps with and that blanky is right on top of her head in the picture.

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