Fund Raising

There are a number of ways to raise money for a giant, depending on whether you are a community, farm, private business or person. Here are ways that others have raised the money to realize their dreams, and we've added columns at the end to show who they work for. A combination of these methods can help you raise the entire cost of a Local Giant.

Source Business Civic Farm
Use money budgeted for signage or renovation purposes XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
Get a low-interest business loan XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX
Sell unused vehicles or equipment XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX
Use an online tool like Kickstarter, raising money while building support XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
Get local sponsors to help in return for credit XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX
Collect on old debts, borrow money from friends or family XXXXXXX   XXXXXXX
Have a fundraising event, like a rent party, barn dance or flea market XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX
Apply for a grant (ask us for leads)   XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
Talk to us about barter—we are willing to trade for what we can use XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX
Pitch in—if you can help we can charge less XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX

Once you decide to get a colossus, use your clear intention, unwavering belief, and willingness to take action to move forward surely and powerfully toward your goal. Buy a Giant and become a Local Giant!

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