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So, by now you're thinking, "How can I get a roadside colossus for my town/business/farm/front yard?" At least we hope that you are.

Compared to navigating the many paths to enlightenment, getting a Local Giant is pretty easy. First, you have to want one, then you need to reach out to us.

Here's the Process

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Act 1 Research and design—together we brainstorm where the giant will be sited and possible identities of the giant. A giant's character could be based on local history, natural resources, wild life, agriculture, manufactured specialties, or legend. We literally go to the drawing board and create up to three characters and photo mock-ups of the giants on site. Two months.
Act 2 A final giant is chosen. The budget is determined. We make a 1:10 scale sculptural model, which takes about a month. The new Local Giant is announced to the community. The model is durable enough to display for fund raising and promotional purposes.
Act 3 The giant is created on-site behind a covered scaffolding. Sculpting takes about a month, curing takes another month, during which time accompanying signage is made and installed, painting takes a week or so.
Act 4 The new Local Giant is unveiled with accompanying hoopla and attention. We provide ongoing promotion in many forms: social networking, web site, events, newspaper advertising.
Encore You can re-up every year for our great promotion package.

The cost of each Local Giant includes a year of promotion. The promotion will comprise: bi-weekly emailings, widely distributed annual brochure and map, quarterly Valley of the Giants newspaper supplements, web site with tours and links, special group events and tours, wide distribution, Facebook, Twitter, and social networking, including promoting opening and unveiling events. Continued promotion after a year is by monthly fee. It's a good deal for independent business owners, farms and communities too small for a public relations or marketing department.

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